I was going through some old work for the purposes of putting together a design reel and came across this short animation for which I redesigned the sound and composed musical cues when I was a student, back in 2014.

I was tempted to revisit the project on first review, but decided instead to share it as-is for posteriy’s sake. I still think the ideas are good, it just lacks a little in the technical aspects, but it’s reassuring to gague just how much I’ve developed since.

The main cue conveys the dreamy and wishful tone I think I must have been going for quite well. Although the Foley and voice work could have been finetuned mix-wise and maybe treated with a little EQ for more sparkle. I suspect my then budget monitors weren’t telling the whole story either.

After upgrading my studio speakers a few years back, I realised how much definition I’d been missing out on. My mixing improved significantly, and translation to other referencing systems became less of a guessing game. I could at last trust what I was hearing.

I sometimes cringe when digging back through the archives, but it’s a good reminder that I’m making progress as an artist and a technician.