I enjoy working with sound and music for theatre, film and games, with over 15-years’ experience recording, editing and mixing.

I find deep satisfaction in synchronising discrete sounds into one, cohesive soundtrack—be they dialogue, sound effects, or music—while solving the many tiny problems that invariably arise along the way (ADR, anyone?) All in service to narrative and a collective vision for a compelling story.

After a decade spent creating and performing music in bands, I picked up a thing or two about audio production, eventually landing a gig designing idents, jingles, and recording interviews for a local, online radio broadcast. It was there I got the sound design bug and my ambitions towards film began to percolate.

Fast forward a few years and, since gaining a bachelor’s degree in sound design, I’ve worked as a sound designer and composer for a variety of theatre productions and radio plays, recorded and edited sound for student and no-budget short films, as well as composing music for the occasional promotional video. I also enjoy exploring game audio integration through middleware such as Wwise and, as a keen field recordist, I have an ever-expanding library of original sounds to use in my work.

Read more about my earlier career, here.